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Obama offers assistance for landslide victims



US PresidObama offers assistance for landslide victimsent Barack Obama on Sunday called his Afghan counterpart to express condolences over loss of life in the May 2 landslide in the northeastern province of Badakhshan, the White House said.


“Karzai expressed appreciation for international assistance and described to the president the ongoing Afghan government response, to include visits to the region by Afghan vice-presidents,” the White House said.


Obama affirmed the support of the American people as the Afghans responded to this tragedy and offered additional US assistance to the ongoing relief efforts.


He also expressed support for the April 5 Afghan elections and reaffirmed that the US backed a sovereign, stable, unified and democratic Afghanistan.


The US Agency for International Development (USAID) is supporting the Afghan people through its funding of NGOs and international organisations which are providing relief supplies directly to the affected population.


USAID provides funds to the International Organisation of Migration (IOM) to maintain warehouses of emergency response commodities throughout Afghanistan, according to a statement from the US embassy.


IOM will begin distributing 300 household modules and 300 blanket modules from these warehouses.  IOM reports that existing stocks in the region are sufficient to meet the anticipated needs of the affected people.


USAID’s Office of Food for Peace provided $41 million in 2013 and $59 million so far in 2014 to the United Nations’ World Food Program, which has delivered 700 food kits to people affected by the landslide.











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