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Nowroz: the Message of Hope


As the people of Afghanistan celebrate the auspicious New Year’s (Nowroz) days, they hope the country would have a better future and the war and violence would end soon. The Nowroz Days have special meanings to the Afghans. Beginning the New Year, every Afghan reads out their wishes and prays for good fortunes for themselves as well as other people particularly family member sand neighbors.

Praying for peace and security in the country is an essential part of Afghans’ Nowroz ceremonies and wishes for the future. Gathering in public places, mosques, and holy places, the Afghans sing songs, play games, cook delicious foods and visit friends and relatives to greet each others. Through such diverse events, they express their wishes for a joyful future for themselves their families and their country.

Afghans seem determined to pass from hardships of the past and go to a bright and hopeful future. Thus the majority of Afghans celebrate the New Year’s days to translate their wishes into words. Perhaps, the Nowroz days, that is extensively celebrated by more and more people, is reflecting the aspirations and needs of the Afghans for peace and stability in the country.

As the country is moving forward, generally, the future seems to be hopeful for the Afghans who are struggling to be part of the change in the making. Determined and hopeful, the Afghans are moving forward to a future of prosperity and peace where there are no deaths and sufferings. Hopefully, this is the view many Afghans have of their future.

In near future, we have the presidential and provincial councils ahead. And as the security responsibilities are being handed to Afghans, the foreign forces are preparing for complete withdrawal from the war. These two events would be milestones for today’s Afghanistan and would shape the future of the country.

Many analysts believe that the success of the country in coming years would be measured by success in holding a free and fair presidential election and a successful transition from foreigners to Afghans. Thus, there two transitions ahead: the security and political transition, which success of both would be crucial for future of the country. But there is another embedded transition: the financial transition. Through this transition, Afghans may meet hard experiences in funding its security forces alongside the annual and development budgets.

In the meantime, despite the opportunities ahead, the people of Afghanistan are wary of challenges that lie ahead. No doubt, this year and the years to come would be difficult as the past ones. As we witnessed in past decade, Afghans may continue to witness suffering of their fellows.

The ongoing war against insurgency would inevitably continue claiming lives innocent men, women and children. Keeping in view that the international community would soon depart from the country, the Afghans need to shoulder all these burdens alone and resolutely continue fighting for a bright future.

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