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New Kabul Bank Up for Biding

New Kabul Bank Up for Biding

KABUL – Two companies, from of four that have expressed interest in purchasing the New Kabul Bank, submitted their documents to the Ministry of Finance (MoF) on Monday.MoF officials said that the documents of these two companies, which they declined to name, would be evaluated by a special commission within the next two weeks. The most company be suited for the deal will have their documents approved and be referred to the Council of Ministers.

“After assessment of their documents for banking license, the documents of these companies will be referred to the Central Bank of Afghanistan (CBA),” CBA Chairman NoorullahDelawar said.Four companies, including ones from the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong and the UAE, expressed interest in purchasing the New Kabul Bank. However, only.the U.S. company CVGI and the UAE company Kroll Capital attended the biding this week.

The MoF has said that one of the conditions for purchasing the New Kabul Bank is that the purchaser have $20 million in cash available.The Chairman of the Afghan Central Bank, NoorullahDelawari, said that the banking activities of whoever wins the bid will be under close scrutiny. He emphasized the importance of rebuilding confidence in Afghan banks. (Tolonews)

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