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Nepotism in Afghanistan

Nageena Naseri – Afghanistan is an underdeveloped country and it’s said that two-thirds of the population is fewer than 30 which obviously makes Afghanistan a country of young people. In the midst of crunching times, Afghanistan is facing severe issues such as terrorism, poverty, illiteracy, disunity. The young people of the country are often called as the builders of tomorrow. I do agree that the young people have to take the country out of the whirlpools but what if beside other numerous challenges they are faced with ‘Nepotism’ disasters?

“Nepotism describes a variety of practices related to favoritism; it can mean simply hiring one’s own family members, or it can mean hiring and advancing unqualified or under qualified family members based simply on the familial relationship” [1] It can reasonably be argued that nepotism in Afghanistan is considered ‘binding tag’ in case if person is looking to secure a job if person has connection S/He can have the job they like otherwise chances are very less to find the job person is expert it.

No doubt this binding tag has had pushed the country to the verge of disaster despite millions of dollars and foreign assistance in these 11 years had not been able to bring any change in the life of the common man and since country is under warlords and former religious clerics who themselves never knew the value of qualification and the serves of qualified people they have changed country in to a family business where the money comes in the form of foreign aid and they fill their bank accounts with the money that is supposed to be spent on the masses. The presence of unqualified team in the government machinery has proved practically the foreign aid going nowhere and multiplying billions of dollars by zero the corruption diseases also takes birth in such atmosphere where the unqualified staff cannot offer their best and then the game of selling services and making things happen through money.

Last year one of the headline that covered media was the report on last year’s budget, where it said that “Ministries Water and Energy, Education, Urban Development, Interior Affair, Economy, Higher Education, Mines, Commerce and Industries, Counter-Narcotics, Parliamentarian Affair, Defense and Information could not spend even 50 percent of their developmental budgets” [2] the country which lack the basic social, economical and education infrastructure and where 80% of its population comes under the line of poverty should have been faced with the shortage of budget why is it faced with surplus? The reason is very obvious ‘incompetency’ due to Nepotism incompetent people are sitting in a position of power and cannot really do their job.

Analyzing the scenario one can argue in a country where all government ministries and jobs are distributed and awarded to friends and family members then the country is totally privatized .It comes under a bunch of families which has then further branches in to the society where every undeserving and unqualified is awarded. The define scenario makes a person wonder, either the government thinks that giving more power to incompetent people is a solution to the messes or simply do not want to absorb the skill and talented people in the right positions. If the young skilled people are not given chance to work, and preference are given to connection and relation that creates below scenarios:

What can you expect from incompetent person who is not able to do the job or what is the need of having such people in power? How can he address the problem country is facing? How can a person who is graduated from a military department can run one of the most essential ministries?

If that is the case then why the government complains or why government demands for more foreign aid knowing the fact that its official lack capacity to spend the allocated budged? He obviously cannot which illustrates that the government does not care about the will of the nation rather want to keep those who came by force or references and have adopted nepotism to bring their own incompetent people to the positions. In such scenario it’s very likely that a skilled person who meets the entire requirement can get very frustrated. Since the government does not have any policy to absorb the right people to the right position the only option the skilled and capable have is to either leave the country in pursuit of better life opportunities or suffer and be in opposition with government.

When an educated person with all potential leaves the country is not the loss of the person but unfortunate loss of the country. When they are in the opposition with the government they can join any group who can pay them and used against the government which is very destructive for the will of the country.

There can be no doubt that if the government wants to bring reform in order to provide an attractive work environment for skilled youth who have the drive and dedication to succeed its obvious the country can be on the road to development, since the skilled people know how to think of alternatives in case something does not work. But if the same nepotism is in place nothing will change the nation will suffer as its suffering now.

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