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NATO to Hold Summit on Afghanistan Next Year: Obama


Washington – The US President Barack Obama has said on Friday that he and the Nato Secretary-General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen have agreed to focus the Organisation’s 2014 summit on Afghanistan. While Obama and Anders Fogh Rasmussen have agreed on the topic for the summit, but the venue is not known. Obama said Rasmussen is looking for a country to host it.

Obama said, “Not only will we be able to underscore this final chapter in our Afghan operations but the summit can also be used to paint a picture of a future whereby we’re partnering with the Afghan Government on behalf of the Afghan people and on behalf of world security.” Obama said Afghanistan was at the top of the list of items they discussed in the Oval Office meeting.

The Nato’s Secretary General said his organisation will continue to train, advise and assist Afghanistan in its transition. While the goal is an Afghanistan that can stand on its own feet, he added that the Afghans will not stand alone. Chicago was the host city for the Nato’s 2012 summit. The NATO summit will also included a discussion about post-2014 assistance to Afghanistan.

The exact dates and site of the summit is yet to be determined. The comments come in at a time when the foreign troops in Afghanistan are scheduled to leave by the end of next year. There are around 66,000 US troops in Afghanistan helping over 300,000 Afghan security forces fight insurgency. (Tolonews)

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