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Nangarhar Residents Ask for Governor’s Dismissal


Kabul– The residents of eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar protested against the provincial governor Saturday, blocking four main entrances to the province’s centre, Jalalabad.

The residents – who claim governor Gul Agha Sherzai has been unresponsive to impeding corruption, illegal land grabbing, and Pakistani military from Afghan soil – said they would continue their protest and the entrances to the city will be kept closed if the central government does not dismiss the governor in the next 24 hours.

“Pakistan will gradually come forward, they have reached Gushta district. We don’t accept this,” one of the protestors told TOLOnews, “They oppress Afghans, destroy our police and army forces, throw bombs on them.”

Meanwhile, provincial spokesman of Nangarhar governor said the central government is informed of the residents’ call, and a high-level delegation is to visit the province to investigate the matter.

“The governor has asked the president to send a high-level decision-making delegation to the province and inspect the issue legally,” said spokesman of Nangarhar provincial governor, Ahmad Zia Abdulzai. Since 2003, Pakistan – with assistance from the coalition forces – has shifted 11 border posts from pervious locations on Afghan soil to Ghushta district of Nangarhar province alongside Durand Line, an act accompanied by reactions from the government and the people of Afghanistan.

Last week, Afghanistan’s senate had also condemned the buildup of Pakistan’s military on the border between the two countries, calling for clearer government policies on the neighbouring state, despite some media reports saying the matter was resolved. The latest incident is Pakistan’s construction of a controversial border gate on the Durand Line – the 2,400-kilometer border between the two countries which is recognized by Pakistan but not by Afghanistan.

The senate’s condemnation came after Pakistani media reported that the matter had been “amicably resolved” after a meeting between senior military commanders of both countries in Rawalpindi, where Pakistan’s army is headquartered. An official Pakistan statement said that Afghanistan’s Director General of Military Operations Maj Gen Afzal Aman had met with his Pakistani counterpart Maj Gen Ashfaq Nadeem Ahmed.

The statement also said that the construction is taking place in Pakistan’s tribal district of Mohmand that borders Afghanistan – a clear attempt to clarify claims that the gate is being built in Afghanistan’s territory. Afghan senators repeated such claims last week. (ToloNews)

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