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MPs Suggest Rethink on Pakistan Policy

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KABUL – Members of the Meshrano Jirga — or upper house of the parliament — on Sunday said the incoming Pakistan government would not help Afghanistan and asked the Karzai administration to review its policy toward the neighbouring country. Unofficial results from Saturday’s parliamentary elections show the Pakistan Muslim League-N, led by former prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, has won more than 115 seats in a house (National Assembly) of 272.

A member of Meshrano Jirga, Abdul Wahab Irfan, said everyone knew Pakistan had a clear strategy for taking decisions on Afghanistan. Its foreign policy was managed in line with that strategy, he added. “Muslim League-N has more influence with the people. I hope the party will review the strategy of Pakistani intelligence regarding Afghanistan to establish good relations between the two countries,” he remarked.

Both leading parties, PML-N and PPP, raised slogans against the current government of Afghanistan and the presence of foreign troops in the country, said another senator, Mahmud Danishjo. Pakistan’s policy would not change, the lawmaker predicted, urging the Afghan government should rethink its strategy.

The Pakistani political system was being controlled by the military and intelligence, with the civilian government toeing the army’s line, Senate Chairman Fazal Hadi Muslimyar claimed. “Neither Nawaz Sharif nor Imran Khan (Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf chairman) can do anything, because they have a specific strategy on Afghanistan and the government has little say in it,” he concluded. (PAN)

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