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MPs Stress Legal Action over Kunar Raid

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KABUL – Wolesi Jirga Members on Monday strongly condemned the killing of civilians during an air raid by foreign forces in eastern Kunar province, calling the prosecution of the perpetrators. Eleven children — aged between months and seven years — were killed and six women wounded as a result of the coalition airstrike in the Shultan area of Shigal district on Saturday.

During Monday’s session of the Wolesi Jirga, some legislators demanded the trial of those responsible for the civilian deaths. They asked why the security personnel did not identify and spare residential areas during their operations. One lawmaker from Kunar, Shahzada Shahid, claimed that 13 civilians were killed in the raid that had deeply saddened residents. “Why has no one been terminated so far and why are ground operations not conducted instead of air raids?”

Another legislator from Kabul, Nafisa Zaki, opined: “Ahead of committing the heinous crime, security personnel should have properly differentiated between civilians and Taliban.” She stressed a thoroughgoing investigation and punishment for the criminals. Fist Deputy Speaker Mirwais Yasini tasked the house internal security commission with sending a delegation to Kunar for probing the incident, which has drawn denunciation from President Hamid Karzai. (PAN)

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