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Mps Deny Trust Vote To 3 ICOIC Members

Mps Deny Trust Vote To 3 ICOIC Members

The Wolesi Jirga (lower house of parliament) on Saturday again denied giving a trust vote to three outgoing members of the Independent Commission for Overseeing the Implementation of Constitution (ICOIC).

The assembly had given a vote of confidence to five ICOIC members four years ago. First Vice-President Mohammad Yunus Qanuni on Saturday reintroduced ICOIC members Gul Rahman Qazi, Mehboba Huqoqmal and Dr. Mohammad Amin because their office terms had expired.

Another two members of the commission Mohammad Munir Danish and Lotfur Rahman Saeed had received a vote of confidence from the assembly about one year ago.

Article 157 of the Constitution says the Independent Commission for the Supervision of the Implementation of the Constitution will be established by law. Members of this Commission will be appointed by the President with endorsement of the Wolesi Jirga.

Qanuni told lawmakers that Gul Rahman Qazi, Mohammad Amin Ahmadi and Mehbona Huqoqmal were suitable candidates for the positions. He urged the MPs to give a trust vote to the nominees.

Qazi, who headed the commission for the last four years, said he had been giving legal advices to the president and the national assembly about the implementation of the Constitution.

He insisted the commission had seriously followed the implementation of the Constitution in government and non-governmental organisations.

“If trusted by the parliament, I will strictly oversee implementation process of the Constitution,” said Qazi, a Kabul resident, who had graduated from Shariah Faculty of Kabul University and did his masters in administrative law from a university in Tehran.

PHD in administrative reforms, Qazi had taught law and political science at Kabul University and had served on important governmental positions.

Huqoqmal said if granted a vote of confidence, she would continue to honestly work at implementing the Constitution. She believed public awareness was crucial to the implementation of the Constitution.

A resident of Kabul, Huqoqmal had graduated from Kabul University’s political science and law department.

She had served as political science and law teacher at Kabul University, the deputy chairman of the Constitutional Loya Jirga, women’s affairs minister and a member of the Meshrano Jirga.

Similarly, Mohmmad Amin Ahmadi said he would continue his efforts at resolving legal issues among the three pillars of the state.

“I assure you that I perform my duty with full impartiality,” said Amin, a resident of central Uruzgan province.

Amin had studied fiqa and philosophy in Iran and had served as Katib University chancellor and Siraj Culture Organisation chairman.

From 149 lawmakers present, Qazi obtained 52 votes, Huqoqmal 41 votes and Ahmadi 71, all fell short of the required number of votes (75) necessary for success.

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