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Mps Blast Kabul Police Double Standards


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KABUL: Some lawmakers on Wednesday accused Kabul police of discriminating between parliamentarians and government figures during a crackdown on vehicles with tinted glass. But the Ministry of Interior rejected the allegation as groundless.

The nationwide campaign got under way after Interior Minister Omar Daudzai told the Senate last week that no one would be allowed to use a vehicle with black glass. He argued such vehicles were used for illegal activities.

A Wolesi Jirga member from southeastern Khost province, Mirbat Khan Mangal, alleged Kabul police tended to stop and search parliamentarians’ vehicles even if they had no tinted glass.

“But they don’t stop ministers’ cars,” the legislator said. He vowed to stay away from lower house sessions as long the ministry did not address the issue fairly.

His colleague from Kunar province, Mohammad Saleh, levelled a similar allegation against police. “It’s unfair that police search our vehicles at each square. Each roundabout has two police checkpoints, creating problems for the people.”

He warned of a possible clash between public representatives and police if the Ministry of Interior did not put a stop to discriminatory treatment of parliamentarians.

An outspoken woman MP from Kabul, Shukria Barakzai, said they used vehicles with tinted glass due to certain problems. “I have security issues. Police and drivers block my way, if I don’t use such vehicle. This thing I don’t want to happen.”

She complained police did not remove tinted glasses from vehicles of high government officials, specially Cabinet members and vice-presidents.

Chairing the session, 2nd Deputy Speaker Mohammad Saleh Saljoqi promised the Administrative Board and Internal Affairs Commission would raise the issue with senior security officials later in the day.

A day earlier, some members of the upper house also accused Kabul police of following double standards in dealing with tinted glass vehicles.

But ministry spokesman Ghulam Seddiq Siddiqui said the campaign had been launched after consultations with lawmakers. He said they would take measures if any lawmaker had problems in this regard

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