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Most Jirga Committees Want Deal inked in 6 Weeks

Most Jirga Committees Want Deal inked in 6

KABUL – The consultative Loya Jirga on the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) with the United States entered its final day on Sunday, when almost all 50 committee heads recommended the pact should be signed withing six weeks. Najiba Hussaini, the committee number 3 chairperson, called for signing the agreement, shaping a US military presence in post-2014 Afghanistan, called for signing the deal before the 2014 presidential elections.

However, she stressed US military personnel must be prevented from proselytising in the deeply Muslim country after 2014, when the NATO-led combat mission is scheduled to end. Committee No 1 head Rahim Lewal emphasised on respect for the country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and traditions. He suggested prosecution of foreign troops involved in offenses in Afghanistan at the Bagram airbase. This will enable victims to attend trials.

Nisar Ahmad Musadqi, committee number 8 chief, expected the US military would continue to do all it could to stabilise Afghanistan and avoid repeating past mistakes. Committee No. 4 also overwhelmingly all articles of the BSA text, urging its approval by the parliament and signing by President Hamid Karzai. It demanded award of US military contracts to Afghan firms.

Dr. Amarkhel, committee number 7 head, lent his weight to the accord. He also underlined the need for inking the deal as early as possible. Most committee chiefs, while urging protection of the core national interest and a more focused war on terrorism, said the BSA should be wrapped up as soon as possible. They wanted the president to evince a personal interest in signing and implementation of the accord. (PAN)

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