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MoEC: New Economic Policy to Revitalize Economy

KABUL – Afghan Ministry of Economy (MoEC) Spokesman, Najibullah Amin, reported on Monday that the extractions of mines, energy generation and establishment of infrastructure projects have been included in the new economic policy and that its implementation requires long term international support. Amin said if the projects are actually executed it will bring visible economic change to the country within three years.
“The five year economic policy has been prepared in accordance with the economic policy of the country,” Amin said. “The implementation of this new policy will advance smoothly creating jobs for thousands of people.” Amin said that the policy focuses on the extraction of mines and establishing hydroelectric dams because it will support Afghanistan’s economic development.
The new economic policy also emphasizes on trade and agriculture. In reaction to the new policy, officials of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) said the government has negelected the private sectors in the new policy. “The past several policies that were made were not implanted properly,” Deputy Head of ACCI Atiqullah Nusrat said. “We want the government to investment in such programs so that private sector is able to offer better services.”
ACCI claims that in the past the government has failed to implement the economic policy. Based on the assertions of ACCI officials, the new economic policy will allow government to influence the private sectors leading to an unhealthy business relation.

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