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Ministry of Interior Affair’s Income Hits Three Billion Afgs’ By Passport Distribution.

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Etilaat-e- Roz/ Khaliq Ebrahimi

In the last five years, over a million of Afghan’s received passports from the ministry of interior affairs. Over 300,000 passports reissued. With these statistics passport distribution and reissues reached at 1million, 537 thousands and 483. Ministry of interior statistic roots presents that national income from passport issuing and distribution hits 2billion, 799 million, 483 thousands and 700 hundred. This statistic by ministry of interior affairs had given to the “daily information newspaper” calls that, a big amount of this money comes from country sites.

Total number of passports which were issued and distributed in the provinces reached at 1 million, 234 thousands, 560 hundreds of copy. On the case of ministry of interior affairs, since 2008 up till now, provinces income amount then Kabul 1 billion, 792 million, 729 thousands and 930 Afghanis’ increased. Within this amount Kabul’s passport’s offices incomes were 50 million, 337 thousands and 930 Afghanis’. Number of reissued and distributions passports in Kabul were 300, 999 copy. Official says since spring of last year, they have started digital passports distribution and the income of that hit 9million Afghanis’.

Land of bagger’s and touristy passport

Afghanistan; with the 27.5 million estimated population is one of the poorest countries in the world. On the USAID statistic roots 48% of the population works for less than 1$ US dollars each day, number of jobless and poverty by the sequence is 35% and 36%. In Despite of, a large number of people in the last five years which applied for touristy passport , reaches over 1 million, the ministry of interior statistics roots shows that touristic passport which has been distributed among the afghans is 1million, 360 thousands and 596 copy.

If we go by the ministry of interior statistic roots, and draw the diagrams of different distributed passports, it would present the touristic passport takes place at the top, and still the demand of touristic passport is more than other type. Although on this demand the “Haj “has also increased in the last five years, the number of business passports which has been distributed is 31 thousands and 898 copy. But passports which been given to the ill and sick people who goes abroad for treatment is in a lower range, the total number of these passports are 9 thousands and 926 copy.

On the case of passport distribution as we all concerned the number of passports, which issued for tourist and touristic reason is at the top of demand. The Experts believe that a large number of them are not tourists. Most of the reason for demand of touristic passport is the poverty, joblessness and their believes,  they believe that most of the people leaves their home for our neighborhood countries , for chances of work and many of them are religious tourists, and that is the case of high demand of touristic passport.

Increase rate of Passport distribution.

Statistics presents that rate of passport demand and consumption has increased in the last five years. As an example in the year of 2008 166,000 passports copy were distributed for Afghans, but in the year of 2012 these number increased on the rate of 377,890 copies, by the analyses of these data the balance rate of passport distribution and reissuing in each had increased 307,058 copies.  These statistic shows that in each day almost 841 passports were distributed among Afghans, and also since 2008 the distribution rate, 143 % has increased.

It is also possible that may different factors takes place for a large number of passport distribution, if we manifest the factors and reason like, political situations, social dilemma, poverty and joblessness to the personal dilemma, still we need cover so many more. But according to officials, the main factor is the “legal immigration procedure” and the issue linked to this process. Khan Aqa Safi; technical advisor at head passport’s office, believes that;  policy of countries for migrants accepting especially for afghan migrants has directs effect on the procedure of passports high demand or consumption.

The other reason for afghans, that leaving the country for the other save and secure land is the depart of international troops post 2014. Afghans are afraid of Taliban returning in the country, they are afraid of hard times which each of them had experienced in the past. That’s why they are still seeking live in the other countries. As a result a big number of Afghans are still waiting for the citizenship of countries like Australia, America and European countries.

Problems in passport distribution!

It will be tough enough, to find a person with no objection, on the procedure of passport distribution. Anyone who once applied for passport had faced much kind of problems, especially in Kabul branch of passport office. By the increase of objections upon the Kabul passport office in the year of 2011, this office was closed and officials worked on a new procedure. In this year, each day from 2 or 3 AM till 1 or 2 PM people were lining up outside of the passport office, but at the end they had to return home with empty hands. New procedure solved much of this problem. But still if anyone wants to apply for passport, need to spend three or four days outside of the Kabul passport office. Officials say, by the crowd of people in the offices, these problems are common.

If we cross over the management, the main problem is office corruption, this problem causes that Afghanistan is on the top rink of corruption in the world. In despite, corruption in the Kabul passport office is serious issue, some media claimed that some people received their passport by the spend of 20,000 Afg.  But top officials in the Kabul passport office refused this claim and called it a kind of propagandas, and they say if there is any corruption, it would be in the provinces not in Kabul. All employers in Kabul passport office are trained people. And they are responsible for any action against the low.

Digital passport

Government, since last year for better transparency, corruption control and easy procedure for passport distribution decided to release Digital passports. But this decision took along time and finally they started their release. Since Hamal (April) 1785 copy of digital passports were distributed for consumers. According to officials; by issuing of digital identity cards ( tazkirah), the procedure of digital passport distribution will be much easier and clear. Khan Aqa Safi said; distribution of novel passports will be according to procedure of high passport office, which created BIO metric and BEIF system for time consuming and better outreach.

“Digital passport design meets the International standards, and the procedure of checking system is through computers, it will consume the time delay, he also added, the mechanism of passport distribution in the provinces are a little bit complicated, first citizen should apply and the officials will send their records to the center and they will receive their passport by post system.

Record of passport in Afghanistan

According to the historical ascribe, age of passport in Afghanistan goes to early 20th century. But the first samples in history memory are in 1934. In historical notes shows that the first passport of Afghanistan was one page only, with two languages, Persian and French. These passports used by businessmen and people while traveling to India and other part of the world.
By passing the time, one page passports changed to notebook passports, but during the Daud Khan government (1973), the size of passport became smaller. According to evidence; each political change had their own Logo, size and type of passport. Like during the Taliban regime the cover of passport were designed by their logo and name of their government instead of ex- government’s logo.

Now the passports are issuing in two types, the digital one and the hand-written one, on the cover you can see “Islamic Republic of Afghanistan” Logo. at the time these passports was written in three languages like; Dari, Pashto and English. Design, quality and standards are better than before.

Persian version of this report published on the “Etilaat-e- Roz” newspaper and translated by Khaliq Ebrahimi.      


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