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Masked Plotters

President Hamid Karzai

It is a well established fact that foreigners would not spare Afghanistan but the dilemma is that it is denied by the government officials from time to time. The country has become a hub of proxy wars, where neighboring and western countries try to take down their rivals, no matter how many Afghans die, because their own national interests are sacred for them. Preference to personal interests over national has undermined this country that’s why still anonymous plotters are busy in destabilizing the region. They hired services of Afghans so they could see another bloody civil war. As the deadline for foreign troops’ pullout is approaching, pressure on the Afghan government is mounting because insecurity still mars efforts for peace and development.

For insecurity mostly foreigners are responsible, but we could not deny involvement of our own Afghan brethren because they are giving extension to the policies of anti-Afghanistan elements while taking huge amounts dancing to the tunes of their lords. Involvement of foreign hands in Afghanistan is a serious issue that could not be ignored to please someone or remain in power.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Tuesday confirmed in his address to the National Conference on ‘Water Resources and Management’ that neighboring countries and west was interfering into Afghanistan’s internal affairs to derail the peace process. He said that some foreigners were deliberately contacting Taliban and Afghan politicians to influence them for personal gains while bypassing the Afghan government. Though the president did not mention any specific name but it was evident from his speech that foreigners were creating obstacles for the High Peace Council. President Karzai also said that foreigners who were working on plans to create the deadlock and make the peace negotiations strained were thwarted.

It was visible from his tone that he was unhappy from foreigners due to their dual policies. Of course, it was the reason that he urged Afghan politicians and the Taliban to avoid being coming prey of foreign agents who are in the quest to destabilize the country.

How unfortunate it is that alien forces who come as friends to Afghanistan are trying to destabilize it so they could utilize its natural resources and find means to achieve certain ends. The most heart wrenching revelation is the involvement of Afghans in the great game that is designed to subjugate Kabul.

Only speeches will not work. The government has to probe into the matter and make public names of the traitors. If they are holding key government positions it would be more catastrophic and a slap on the face of those who are showing patriotism on one hand but on the other failed to deal with the black sheep, sitting nearby them. To make a serious crackdown on these black sheep there is need of a serious war on corruption as it is the corruption hydra that is alienating the masses from the government and eventually falling into the hands of militants. Corruption and insecurity are correlated. When one goes unchecked it spurs the other, which is why corruption has to be defeated. It will also stem the tide of growing foreign interruption in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

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