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Knocking Pessimism on Head


Recent meetings of Afghan state officials with US authorities were termed successful by the Afghan president Hamid Karzai on Monday. But one could expect anything in the war-hit country. Those who were part of the delegation showed reservation over Washington’s promises that were made in Karzai’s visit. Afghan Finance Minister, Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal along with Defense Minister on Tuesday expressed their concerns over US commitments.

Zakhilwal said that it is difficult to believe that the United States would honor its pledges. He added that most of foreign aid was allocated for salaries of foreign advisors that made it hard for the Afghan government to spend the donations on welfare, reconstruction and developmental schemes. However, on the other hand, he termed the talks between two allies as productive. It is evident from the statement that pessimism still grips Afghan policy makers as they yet to make sure what would be next move of Washington and will it be in the interest of Afghanistan or not.

It is feared that in a situation where statements lacking optimism are hurled would create uncertain situation as it would confuse the already confused Afghans. Masses would find it difficult to believe that future of Afghanistan is bright when foreign troops would leave the country by the end of 2014. The paintings about future of Afghanistan sketched by the high state officials would be colorless and unattractive if contradiction in statements of the ministers were found.  Because future of the country is in their hands and they got the power to mold public opinions in right direction.  US is a key ally of Kabul, backed by several developed countries. If the government could not trust Washington then how could it rely on European countries and Australia because they are partners of the United States in Afghanistan and other parts of the globe, working for common cause.

The ministers should understand that US has interests in the region in general and in Afghanistan in specific. Hence, Washington would not leave Kabul in weak position, as the United States has learned enough from past mistakes. At the moment corruption is the big challenge that the government has to deal with. How could foreigners trust the Afghan government if it lacked policy and commitment to get rid of ‘corruption hydra’?

Hence, Afghan authorities should pay heed towards this serious issue in order to gain trust of donors. If Afghanistan has doubts, so US and her supporters also suspects Kabul for mismanagement and other issues. The government should come up with a well chalked out policies to curtail maladministration and knock pessimism on the head, because it is need of the hour.

Confusing public through such statements at this critical juncture could worsen the situation.  We should leave things on time to decide their fate rather than giving early judgment.


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