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Keeping the Hope Alive


I went to him to take his views about starting a new business. He was the man of the field and thus I was hoping that he would come up with some unique ideas in this regard. When we were seated and tea was served, I came to the matter of business. I explained him the different details of the business and showed him the relevant documents. His impression was very disappointing and at one pointed I regretted on my idea of coming to him. He seemed to be indifferent to whatever I told or showed him and his interest was next to nil. When I finished the lengthy description of my business, I looked at him for his ideas. He gave out a long sigh and said, “My dear, I am very impressed from your enthusiasm and hope that my words won’t hurt your feelings but as you have come to me to have my sincere opinion so in my opinion, starting a business in the present situation is not a logical idea. Don’t you see that uncertainty is growing with every passing day and people are not sure if they will stay in this country or not. People are very worried about the months to follow after 2014 when the Allied forces will leave Afghanistan. Country may fall into the hands of Taliban or warlords; it may become a battle ground for different warring factions or may be divided into different parts on the basis of languages or race. Such unstable conditions of security would cut off all the developments and soon we would be in the worst of our conditions. Problems are not limited to the security only.

As you know, our whole system of government is dependent on the foreign aids and its own tax collection is not enough to meet its expenses so after 2014, when the foreign troops will leave the country, they would also cut off our financial aid and the whole system of government will collapse and there would be anarchy everywhere. Security uncertainty, financial crisis, unemployment and all the other factors would leave this country suitable for only warlords or criminals and thus doing any kind of investment to any business in such circumstances is not a wise decision and I would definitely not recommend it to you”. When he finished, the virus or poison of disappointment that had infected him also made its effect on me and I stood up without any saying any word. All my enthusiasm, hopes for a prosperous business and dreams of serving the community with it had been swept away in no time and I was a person hardly dragging myself out of his office as if carrying the corpse of my dreams and plans.

A father came to me to inquire about the progress of his son. I briefed him about the progress and recommended him to give more concentration to some subjects including English. He said, “Yes Sir, I do agree with you. I am also continually emphasizing him to concentrate on English because here the conditions are worsening day by day. I am in the construction business and my business has almost come to its knees. Now, I am not getting any more projects. I am thinking of shifting my business to India and I have already made some arrangements there. I am thinking of shifting my family as well and if my son has to get admission in any good school in India, he must be very good in English as it is one of their major requirements.”

If I keep narrating the different people with the same disappointing views, today’s article might finish without coming to our point. What would happen after 2014? This question has given birth to a number of disappointing answers. Starting from a rich businessperson to a small roadside shopkeeper and from an old man sitting in house to a teenager going to school, everyone seems to be infected with the virus of uncertainty and disappointment and no one is talking of hope and courage. People have not only lost their hope and mental contentment but are also spreading this fatal virus to others and also depriving them of their hope and contentment.

Few points are very interesting to be understood in this regard. How it is silly that we will always remain dependent to others to run and establish our country. No doubt, foreign powers have done their best to establish our country and bring stability here but it should not be forgotten that they would always not be there to help us and save our country. They do have their aims and objectives and once these objectives are achieved, our country might not remain of much interest to them.

Similarly, we will have to stop living a parasitic life, always depending on others for our security and economic growth rather we will have to try our best to stand on our foot and take the responsibilities of building the country. No doubt, this is a very difficult task but there is not present any other option and this is the only way left to us. History is full of the examples when nations showed perseverance and courage and sacrificed the rest of their days and nights and at last succeeded in including their country among the developed countries of the world. While the countries or nations that depended on others were eliminated from the annals of history.

Being Muslims we have been advised to have firm belief in the powers and assistance of Allah and we should not forget that everything happens by the will of Allah. If we came to develop this belief, we would definitely stop worrying about our future and would no more look with a begging hands to the others.

We are not the only nations that might have faced this situation. When Japan was under the threat of elimination after Second World War, they pledged to work hard and the nation stood firm and united and soon Japan was among one of the leading nations of the world.

And let’s try to imagine the situation if we lost our hope and let the country fall again into the hands of criminals and warlords. There would be destruction everywhere, the efforts of more than ten years would be wasted in no time and the infrastructure of the country that has just gained its initial shapes would be turned into ruins. Again, we will have to suffer the pain and insult of taking refuge in other countries and going through all the sufferings that is associated with the life of refuge.

Let us all come together, stop spreading these malicious fears, talk of hope and prosperity and decide to stay in this country to build it and give it from our own and not to expect much from it. We have already looted it a lot!

Mahmood Hassan Quraishi is a permanent writer of the Afghanistan Express Daily.

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