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Karzai Stresses Media to Help Forge National Unity

Karzai Stresses Media to Help Forge National

KABUL – Lauding the role of media in forging national unity, President Hamid Karzai said on Tuesday the next government should leave no stone unturned to ensure the right of freedom of speech and independent media. The president expressed these views after inauguration ceremony of the newly built Bayat Media Center in Kabul.

He said media achieved greater progress and the momentum was needed to be taken forward in larger national interests. “Freedom of print and electronic media, freedom of journalism, freedom of Afghan writers and freedom of speech in Afghanistan is moving forward. The next government has to keep the momentum,” he noted.

However, the media should utilize the freedom of speech in an attempt to bolster the image of the country and build national unity, he added. “We should use the right of freedom of speech to inform people in a move to defend our country and protect interests of our nation. We should utilize the media for the development of our country,” he remarked.

He said media criticism of government was important for tangible reforms of governance but urged media to demonstrate responsibility. Lauding the role of Ariana Television, he said: “Despite criticizing the government, media has always worked for strengthening national cause.”

Similarly, IhsanullahBayat, director general of the newly inaugurated Bayat Media Center, said the main goal of the center was a step towards strengthening of civil and democratic institutions. “The voice reaching to the people from the centre will be the voice of all ethnicities of our glorious land,” he added.  Bayat went on to say it was the duty of all media to play greater role for building and strengthening Afghanistan.(PAN)

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