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Karzai Must Not Station Foreign Spies in Presidential Palace: Senates

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KABUL – Afghan Senators on Sunday’s session said that the networks of foreign spies stationed at the Presidential Palace are working for their own interests. The foreign spies had been positioned in the Palace on the orders of the President. The senators stressed that the spies constantly advise the President keeping their selfish motives in mind. This poses a great threat for the country.

“Specific networks of foreign spies are appointed on the orders of the President and they go to the extent of infiltrating into the cabinet which is really worrying,” Senator Abdul Hanan Haqyoun said. “Hezbi Islami (Islamic Party) representatives come to the table for negotiations but the talks fail and they start fighting against government,” Senator Hadayatullah Rahayi said.

Meanwhile, the numerous killing of civilians in the country by Taliban and other armed opposition groups raised the Senates’ concerns. “Hezbi Islami, Taliban or any other group involved in the killing of innocent lives in the country are committing a big crime. Also, the government must nab the masterminds behind the numerous terrorist attacks,” Speaker of the Senate Fazal Hadi Muslimyar said.

“Huge amount of explosives are routed into the country with the help of the security officials. Without their help it is not possible to distribute explosives to different parts of the country,” Senator Daoud Asas said. At the same time, a number of senators asked President Karzai to give the order of hanging all those responsible for killing civilians and those involved in organized crimes.

“We are asking the government especially the President to sign the execution orders of those who have been charged for civilian killings,” Head of Complaints Committee of Senate, Zalmai Zabuli said. The senators argue that till the government doesn’t make a clear policy against government’s armed opposition groups and other enemies, it will be difficult to achieve lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan. (Tolonews)


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