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Karzai Goes to Brussels for Kabul-Islamabad-Washington Talks

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Afghan President Hamid Karzai left Kabul to Brussels Tuesday to attend trilateral conference among Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the United States, in which the countries are said to discuss matters such as peace talks and recent border issues between the neighbouring countries.”Prominent issues between the two countries (Pakistan and Afghanistan), peace talks, recent problems of founding security gates by Pakistani forces in Nangarhar’s Gushta [district] and other important issues between the two will be discussed,” said Mohammad Faiq Wahedi, deputy spokesman of Afghan president.

“Considering a lack of cooperation from Pakistan in fulfilling its commitments, it is hard to judge the outcome of this conference,”

Wahedi said.

Although Islamabad has constantly committed to cooperate with Afghanistan in the peace process and fighting against insurgency, such commitments from the neighbouring country don’t seem to be carried out, and while the Afghan government spoke of Islamabad’s sabotage of the peace process, there are fears that Afghan president would return from Brussels empty-handed.

Some pundits have suggested that pressuring Pakistan for a sincere fight against insurgency activities, and forcing the country to respect Afghanistan’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity are demands which Afghanistan side needs to consider seriously.

“At this conference, the Afghan government should take Pakistan’s assurance from a strong position for cooperation on fighting against insurgency and on removing facilities of Pakistani military forces,”

said General Nurolhaq Oloomi, political expert, “The international community as well should assist with Afghanistan.”

Pakistani forces are allegedly backing insurgents such as Al-Qaeda, Haqqani Network, and the Taliban, it is not clear whether or not the neighbouring country’s forces will put an end to such support and lend a hand to both the international community and Kabul for resolving Afghanistan’s issues and providing peace. (ToloNews)

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