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Karzai Backs Clerics’ Demand for Media Crackdown

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KABUL – Afghan President Hamid Karzai has agreed with a call from the country’s conservative religious council for a crackdown on television stations, calling some of their programs “immoral and un-Islamic”, officials said on Tuesday. The decision by Karzai may alarm some of Afghanistan’s international backers, who have invested heavily through 12 years of war in promoting liberal values and freedom of expression in Afghanistan’s deeply conservative society.

The decision could also imperil advances in the country’s media industry, which has enjoyed significant progress since the ouster of the austere Taliban regime 12 years ago. Karzai issued a decree setting out the crackdown. “The Ministry of Information and Culture must prevent (television channels) from broadcasting programs which are vulgar, obscene and un-Islamic and are counter to social morality,” Karzai said in a statement issued by the Council of Ministers.

Neither Karzai nor the Council of Ministers specified in the statement what was meant by vulgar, obscene or immoral programs. However, Jalal Noorani, an adviser to the minister of culture and Information, told Reuters immoral programs included Indian television soap operas and Afghan music videos featuring “half-naked” dancing girls.

Afghanistan’s Ulema council met Karzai on Friday and demanded the government take action against some television broadcasters, accusing them of promoting prostitution, the Council of Ministers said in the statement. The Ulema council is an influential group of scholars and religious leaders who debate religious matters and exert significant political influence. (Reuters)

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