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Kabul University Student’s Hunger Strike Turned into its Sixth Days

Kabul university students on hunger strike against fascist teachers discrimination

Kabul; it is about six days that more than hundred male and female students of Kabul university are on hunger strike against fascist teachers and the department of social studies faculty head. The protestors say that the faculty head and the teachers are so called. Their knowledge is limited; the chapters which they teach are form 40 years ago.

The main problem with the teachers is, their discrimination behavior against students, they insult students on many different ways, by the religion, by the ethnicity and accents.

Female students say that their teachers have comportment depravity. They say “teachers and faculty head black mailing female students. They ask student to meet them in their offices and commit to what they ask otherwise they drop them out from university or would fail them on exam for no reason.

Now the students gathered at the parliament door and ask for justice. Student says we will get back to university when our faculty dean Farooq and a teacher Mohammad Faisal Amin will be fired.

Many social classes, civil society, social workers, political groups, poets and authors came to the area and voiced against injustice in Kabul University. Students from Heart, Balkh and Bamyan universities have also raised their voice for the protestor’s aid.

Mohammad Aqa one of the protestors says that still we have not heard anything from the government side, and we will continue our hunger strike whatever it takes. For this object we need some scarifications’.  The corruptions are not only in Kabul University, We hope one day we will have a better educational system.


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