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Kabul May Ink BSA If U.S. Accepts Peace Talks Failure

Kabul May Ink BSA If U.S. Accepts Peace Talks Failure

The pending Kabul-Washington Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA), which would ensure a continued military partnership between the two countries post-2014, could be finalized soon so long as the U.S. recognizes its peace-seeking failures, President Hamid Karzai’s spokesman Imal Faizi said on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, President Karzai has reiterated his preconditions for signing the agreement with the U.S., which include trying to get the peace process back on track and ending unilateral raids on Afghan homes.

Karzai’s refusal to compromise on his preconditions have caused waves amongst Afghan and foreign officials, who have criticized the President and mounted public pressure on him to sign the deal, which they say is crucial to Afghanistan’s future.

However, on Tuesday Faizi said that the U.S. only need to detail its attempts at getting the Taliban to the negotiating table and why they failed for the path to signing the BSA to be cleared. “We have recommended that the U.S. announce that their peace initiatives were unsuccessful because of certain factors or say that the opposing side did not cooperate, it should be clarified and disclosed,” Faizi said.”When that happens, then the president will again tell the people that the U.S. has struggled for peace, but has been unsuccessful, and the U.S. should also explain the cause of its failure, then the way would be paved for signing the security agreement.”

Despite rumors that the U.S. has grown impatient with Afghanistan and is leaning toward a full troop withdraw – or the “zero option” – that would see no foreign soldiers left in Afghanistan after 2014, Faizi assured that negotiations were ongoing.The Afghan President’s spokesman urged Washington to stop putting pressure on Kabul to sign the accord. “We have always emphasized on signing the BSA, there is no doubt about it,” he said. “The U.S. shouldn’t hurry to sign the BSA, because the Loya Jirga has approved it and the document will be signed.” (ToloNews)

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