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Iran Supplies Weapons to Taliban: US

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WASHINGTON – Despite the millions of dollars being spent by the international community to ensure cross-border security between Iran and Afghanistan, the report has been shown vast hauls of weaponry which Afghan security services have told us are just a fraction of hardware intercepted from Iran on their way to the Taliban.

Expressing is concern over Tehran supplying weapons to the Taliban, the United States on Thursday branded Iran as the number one state sponsor of terrorism. Iran provides arms and funding to Afghan insurgents as it continues to do so in Iraq. Iran’s intentions are the same in both Iraq and Afghanistan: to develop, fund and arm proxy networks to leverage against the perceived U.S. aim of pursuing an active regime change doctrine in Iran. Iran’s use of proxy weapons smuggling networks may be unpleasant, but in practice, Iran restrains the full potential of these networks in Iraq and Afghanistan.  “We are aware of long-standing Iranian support for the Taliban and are concerned about it,” a State Department spokesperson told to the reporters about the allegations that the country was supplying arms to the militants.

Hours after a senior Afghan police officer hit out at the neighbouring country, the spokesperson said: “We have long said Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism.” The Iranian government’s support for terrorist and militant groups throughout the Middle East and Central Asia undermined international efforts to promote peace and democracy and threatened economic stability in the Gulf, the official added.

The police chief for southern Kandahar province, Brig. Gen. Abdul Razzaq, told reporters the security forces had recently captured 50 made-in-Iran assault rifles during recent operations in Kandahar, Uruzgan and Zabul provinces, he claimed. “In the past, Iran secretly sent arms to Afghan fighters via Quetta, the capital of Pakistan southwestern province of Balochistan,” the police chief said. But the arms supplies are now openly routed through Nimroz province as well as Jungle area, according to Gen. Razzaq, who said they were trying to curb Taliban’s attacks in Kandahar. (TAED)

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