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Insurgents from Pakistan Sent to Afghan Soil: MoD

Defense Minister, Bismillah Muhammadi

Defense Minister, Bismillah Muhammadi

KABUL – Afghan Defence Minister, General Bismillah Mohammadi on Tuesday said that hundreds of insurgents have entered Afghanistan after the madrasas (religious Schools) in Pakistan were shut. The Defence Minister, in a visit to the Helmand province said that precautionary measures are being taken to stop insurgency. TOLOnews reporter, Sayed Azim Arash had visited the Sangin district of southern Helmand province where around one thousand Taliban insurgents had attacked. TOLOnews report states that the security situation in the province is improving.

“All the insurgents are being sent to Afghanistan after the madrasas in Pakistan were shut. They are trying to disrupt peace and make security a more challenging task in the country. But they don’t know that the Afghan security forces have become powerful and will not allow anyone harm the country,” the Defence Minister said.

“Last week on Monday, a number of Taliban attacked in the Sangin district and the security forces managed to overpower some of them. The clearing operation is ongoing,” Sangin’s District Governor, Mohammad Daoud Nawrozi said. Afghan security forces said that Arabs and Chechens were also among the insurgents who attacked last week. (Tolonews)

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