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IDLO Concerned at Violence against Women

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KABUL – The International Development Law Organisation (IDLO) on Wednesday voiced its grave concern over growing violence against women and girls in Afghanistan. Addressing a gathering in Kabul, IDLO acting Director-General Johanna Vilnius said violence against women in Afghanistan had significantly contributed to the collapse its communities.

Cultural restrictions on women were in contradiction with the teachings of Islam, she said, adding 210 cases of violence against women took place in 2010 and the number rose to 514 in 2011. Last year, the figure dramatically surged to 1157. She said her organisation campaigned for the rule of law as a fundamental necessity to maintain a sustainable development since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001.

IDLO has been working in Afghanistan to help reconstruct of the justice system since late 2001. President Karzai has directed the Women Affairs Ministry to launch awareness programmes about women’s rights across the nation to reduce violence against them. Poverty, drug addiction and lack of awareness are blamed for violent acts and crimes against the folk. (PAN)


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