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I SEE YOU; Campaign against Corruption in Kabul


Kabul- yesterday in Kabul city a social campaign under name of I SEE YOU, and slogan of (corruptible officials are not hidden from God and People eye) anti-corruption was organized by Peace Street Group volunteers. the aim of this campaign was promoting the culture of standing against corruptible people and publicizing bad face and hatred against corruption, the camping was contain different parts, distributing blouse with art of and eye and slogan of I SEE YOU, wall painting in different part of Kabul and specially in governmental offices, hanging badges on peoples chest, stickers in cars, walls and windows of shops and offices. one of the volunteers and organizer of this campaign  Said, “to The Afghanistan Express correspondence, this campaign of I SEE YOU is the first public and volunteer campaign since ten years, that this action is started by people and will grow larger between people, therefore, it will give and positive and good result for eliminating of corruption.”

Mr. Salim Sohrab one of the campaigner said to our reporter; “this action was taken palace to teach people for taking part in social activity and to criticize the corruption.”

In the latest day’s civil activity raised up in Afghanistan. People are promoting the civil activity to solve their problem and reach to government by media. Salim added; “I hope that this kind of activity gets their palace in Afghans mind instead of violence and force usage.” (The Afghanistan Express Daily)

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