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HRW Concerned Over Condition of Afghan Women

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KABUL – Concerned over the condition of women in Afghanistan, Human Rights Watch warned Saturday that continuation of the current situation would destroy what has been achieved. Part of the concern by the watch goes to the condition of beggar women who – as claimed by Afghan social affairs ministry – are forced by some mafia groups for what they do.

“Obviously, poverty is a very serious issue in Afghanistan for many families, and poverty always affects women the most, there are some who go without food, without medical care when a family can’t afford these things,” Human Rights Watch researcher, Heather Barr, told TOLOnews. HRW warns that Afghanistan’s achievement in women’s rights field will be destroyed if current challenges continue in the country.

Despite considerable achievements in women’s rights by Afghanistan throughout the past years, it yet seems there has been no fundamental change made. Across the capital Kabul, there are still many Afghan women who sit on dusty roads and beg for money, women among whom are those who take their small children to streets as well.

One of the beggar women told TOLOnews “My life is too bad. We have to beg on the street, the government does not help us.” Another woman who has lost his husband two years ago said “I have a very bad life. I have kept this bread for 10 days and I am still feeding my son with it.”

HRW believes that the living conditions of beggar women across country are worse than what one could imagine. “This is violation of their personality, violation of their social progress, and this is a serious violation of human rights,” said Moosa Mahmoodi, executive director of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission.

A few years ago, Afghan government founded a commission to collect all the beggars from the streets, a decision which seems did not reach fruition. “This is a serious social problem. We are trying to solve it based on the law to support deprived families,” said Amina Afzali, Minister of Labour, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled. (Tolonews)

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