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HPC moves to set terms for talks with Taliban

afghanistan high peace council

KABUL – The High Peace Council (HPC) on Sunday said its members had set conditions for direct peace talks with insurgents, urging all sections of society to lend their weight to the reconciliation effort. A set of recommendations came up for discussion during a general session of the council that appreciated unflinching cooperation and useful feedback from ulema, political leaders, tribal elders, civil society, political parties, scholars, women and youth.

In a statement, the HPC claimed overcoming major hurdles to the peace campaign in cooperation with the government, the international community, the United Nations and neighbouring countries. The council believed the ongoing security transition process, release of prisoners and a decline in civilian casualties would help boost efforts at achieving peace in Afghanistan.

It called the Bagram jail turnover to Afghan control another important step toward recognition of the country’s sovereignty. The PHC urged religious scholars to help expose plots aimed at defaming Islam and weakening the Ummah. (PAN)

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