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Hospital, Kidney Centre Projects in Doldrums

Hospital, Kidney Centre Projects in Doldrums

JALALABAD: The fate of a proposed 1000-bed hospital and an under-construction kidney centre remains unknown in eastern Nangarhar province.Ninety percent of construction work on the Pakistan-funded kidney hospital has been completed.Deputy Minister of Public Health Najia Tariq, during her visit to Nangarhar a year ago, had promised the 1000-bed hospital would be built.

She had said except the acquisition of a piece of land, all other necessary preparations for the project had been completed. At the time, then governor Gul Agha Sherzai had said 200 acres of land for the hospital had been allotted in Hesar-i-Shahi desert.

But despite the passage of a year, the authorities concerned are yet to launch practical work on the hospital.The governor’s spokesman, Ahmad Zia Abdulzai, told Pajhwok Afghan News Governor MaulviAttaullahLudin had asked Public Health Minister SurayaDalil to start work on the hospital.He quoted Ludin as telling the minister that most patients in the eastern zone visited the civil hospital, which lacked the capacity to accommodate the large number of patients.

The governor had urged the Public Health Ministry to keep its promise because Nangarhar public health officials had long been complaining the civil hospital building was on the verge of collapse.Dalil had assured the governor a committee would be created and tasked with carrying out a technical study of the available structure of the kidney hospital, according to Abdulzai.

Public Health Director Baz Mohammad Sherzad said the issue of both hospitals had been shared with the governor and the minister concerned.He said the proposed 1000-bed hospital, when constructed, would provide healthcare facilities to residents of Sarobi district in Kabul, Kapisa and the four eastern provinces.

He said the governor had promised holding another meeting with the officials concerned in near future to discuss the Pakistan-funded kidney hospital.Sherzad said the issue would be raised with the Pakistani consulate in Jalalabad. If Pakistan did not provide equipment for the kidney hospital, the civil hospital may be shifted to the building. (PAN)

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