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Herat is donate $60,000 to blast victims’ kin

Heratis donate $60,000 to blast victims’ kin
Local officials and traders of western Herat province on Sunday announced $60,000 aid for families of the victims of a deadly car bombing in Paktika province.
Last week, 43 people were killed and 67 others wounded following the suicide car bombing in the Ahangaran bazaar of Orgun district. Many shops were razed as a result of the blast.
At a joint news conference with businessmen in Herat City, Governor Sayyed Fazlullah Wahidi said the assistance would be delivered to the victims’ families by a special delegation.
Pledging further assistance, the governor urged other traders and investors to come forward to share the burden of those who lost their near and dear ones in the devastating Orgun blast.
A day earlier, aid-collecting efforts were launched by people in various provinces to facilitate people affected by a bomb blast in Paktika.

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