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From Impossible to Possible!

holding the rock self confidence

The conditions of a person’s soul and spirit are exhibited by many of the external reflectors. The face, eyes, voice, body language and even the style of walking of a person shows how a person feels or what is going on inside his mind and soul.

The conditions of a person who is happy from his heart can be detected by others from the brightness of his eyes and calmness of his face even if he doesn’t try deliberately to show it to others.

In the same way, however a person tries to show that he is happy and contented by his smiling face and lively actions, but the sadness of his heart would soon be felt by the others.

Good things make us happy and leave our hearts contented but a wrong or evil work always keeps us tormenting.

Bad works or vices have been resembled to a well which is deep and dark. When a person comes close to an evil work, he gets closer to this dangerous well. When he takes a step forward, he comes to the edge of the well. This is the point where he can easily return back and not much effort is needed in doing so. But when he takes another step, he falls into the well and then keeps falling. Unfortunately, this well has no ending as well. The more one goes deep into it, the deeper it becomes and the more it pulls a person towards its depth of darkness and frustration. It is thus necessary that one should avoid going near to the well and then coming to its edge because then he would be able to save himself of it but later it might not be very easy for him to do so.

When a person is trapped by evil habits, they try to catch him fully. On the other hand, there is present his conscience that always makes him feel guilty whenever he does something wrong and tries to keep him away from them.

There are some bad habits that ruin the life of a person. There are numerous examples and it would not appropriate to mention some of them here but let’s take the example of drinking wine or falling into the habit of adultery.

There are some bad habits or qualities that are exclusively related to one’s personal life and inflict all the harm to him and have no effect to the society or the people living around him. Of course, at any cost, we cannot support any kind of evil habit or we should not make compromise with any evil idea or habit. But then there are some bad habits that not only ruin the soul and body of a person but also show its harmful effects on the people around him.

A person in the habit of adultery destroys his life from so many different angles. His reputation is destroyed, his respect and trust is finished, his personal career is also affected and his relations with his family and people around him are also ruined.

As this is a kind of act that is termed as bad and unacceptable by his conscience so he always feels guilty about it and thus his peace of mind comes to an end.

Such a person is found to be in a very helpless situation. When he is under the control of his lust and carnal desires, he forgets all the consequences and gets involved in the evil work but at times he returns to his senses and tries to evaluate the situation like a rational person.

He feels guilty on his acts and he repents on whatever he had done and then decides to stay away from it. He also knows the importance of his reputation, family relations and his peace of mind and for the sake of all these, he makes a commitment to stay away from the work that has harmed him a lot.

But when the test time comes and he is dragged by his carnal desires towards evil works, the forces of evil and good start a war in him and then he finds himself totally helpless when he is dragged away by his carnal desires as he has lost his control over them and now he has become the slave of his desires and these desires make him fall into the well of bad habits.

When he again returns to normalcy and comes into his senses and his rational thinking ability is resumed, he feels all the pain for whatever he had done and once again he makes pledges and all this starts again. This war of good and evil is repeated time and again.

A bad thing about bad works is that; they leave behind their impressions that keep enticing and inviting a person towards them.

For example, while walking on the road you see a girl who is so beautiful and who makes your heart beat fast and so on but as according to our religion and cultural guidelines, staring a girl is bad and with this in your mind, you try your best to keep your eyes down and pass by the girl. If you were strong enough in controlling your carnal desires and you did not listen to its plea to look at the girl and controlled your eyes, you went through this test very successfully. But if your desire forced you to look at the girl and you stared her and passed away, a very lethal but strong memory was recorded in your memory.

Now, even if you are alone, you might be forced by your desires to recall the evil memory and fall into its evil grip.

Thus avoiding such desires in the first step is very important because if such an evil imprint is left behind in your memory, it might take you further on the path of evil works.

Such evil memories may be in the form of a vision (as mentioned above) or may be a voice or may be any other thing associated with it but such memories are equally lethal and dangerous.

At times, such memories might remain dormant but they would never die out. Whenever the conditions were suitable, they would again become active and create a lot of problems to your spiritual well-being.

Whenever such a condition comes, we can save ourselves by the many different methods. Our religion Islam gives us a proven and effective solution in this regard. Whenever we feel that we are going to be dragged towards an evil work by our carnal desire, we need to immediately change the environment. If we are sitting alone, we need to immediately quit our solitude and join a good company.

In this regard, taking ablution has been prescribed as very useful. As we take ablution, we not only change our physical environment, we also change our mental or spiritual environment.

To resolve this problem on permanent bases, it has been said that we should develop a healthy environment where there should not be any chance for any such thought to evolve and come on surface. In this regard, developing and joining a company of good friends has been termed to be very useful.

As a final word, we need to pray and ask for the assistance and strong will power from Allah that can turn possible anything that might be impossible for us!

Mahmood Hassan Quraishi is a permanent writer of the Daily Afghanistan Express.


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