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Farewell to Sadness!

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Lawrence of Arabia, one of the most beautiful and classic movies of Hollywood, has a beautiful lesson in it. A group of soldiers decides to cross a desert on camels which is very dangerous as the desert is very hot and sandstorms often cover the way or passage. If one is losses his way in it, he falls in danger of being lost and die of thirst and hunger. Usually they travelled at night and slept in the hottest part of the day. Those who travel on camels across the desert have the ability of sleeping while riding a camel. One night, when the journey was in progress and camels were advancing with their soft steps and soldiers were sleeping on their camels, one of the soldiers fell down from his camel. He was asleep and didn’t wake up even after the fall and was left sleeping on the soft sand of the desert. Similarly, his companions didn’t notice it and the caravan advanced. When the day got hot and rays of sun started burning him, the helpless soldier woke up and found himself in the mid of the desert, without any camel or companion. He got very much scared and thus started walking in a direction, but as mentioned earlier, he had no idea of the way or route. When the caravan stopped in the morning and the soldiers were counted, one soldier was found missing. The hero or main character of the movie decided to return and bring the soldier. His fellows asked him to leave the soldier as he himself might get lost and both of them would die. They said that it had been written in his fate that he should die in the desert. However, the hero ignored all these and started his journey and brought back the soldier. When he returned with the soldier successfully, he gave his remarks that, “Nothing is written”. Later on, the same soldier fought and killed another soldier and in order to avoid a clash between the soldiers of different tribes, Lawrence himself shot dead the soldier in the revenge. He sadly agreed that the soldier had to die, sooner or later, and it had been written in his fate.

A man opened a shop somewhere. He tried all his best to make it successful but could not. In the end, he left the shop commenting that he was not destined to be an owner of a shop. After some days, another man came to make a good survey of the shop. He conducted a very good research and found out that it had nothing to offer to the target customers. He reopened the shop and filled it with things that were needed by the target customers. Soon shop got successful and the man became a wealthy and prosperous owner of it. Again people marked him that this shop was written in his fate or destiny.

A group of people got stuck on an island. A ship came to rescue them and took some of them. When the ship left the shore and moved a bit away, there developed a space for one more passenger. Almost all of the passengers left behind desperately wanted to get on the ship but it had moved away. In the same time, a man came running and took a long and flying leap and managed to cling by the side of the ship and was rescued. Some more tried to do so but they fell into the water between the ship and the island. One who had made to the ship was hailed and regarded as a person to be very lucky and that his access to the ship was in his fate.

If we observe the above examples with an open mind, absolutely ignoring our prior beliefs and thoughts, we would be able to justify them in a way that there was definitely the contribution of good luck as well but the major contribution was of hard work, perseverance, better planning, willing desire to take risks, intense desire for success and other factors that have been gifted to all the human beings, with a difference that very few of us come to discover and utilize them and the rate of utilization differs from person to person.

Let’s try to see the picture from another angle. A lady is in intense grief and sorrow after her husband dies and is left behind with her teenage son. Now, all her hopes in the life are pinned with this kid. One day, the kid goes out to buy an ice-cream that a fast car comes from somewhere and hits the child. Child was being carried to the hospital that he expires on the way. Already sad mother drops deep into the sorrows and the world turns to be dark and all her hopes from the world come to an end. Now, she has nothing to take from the world and she becomes an absolute picture of tragedy and loss.

There are also present many tragic events or incidents that cannot be justified. A plane goes out of the control of pilot and crashes on a village, killing all the members of a family. A bridge collapses and a bus full of passengers falls into the river and all the passengers in it are drowned. On the eve of New Year, firing in the air was going on in celebrations that a bullet came down and killed a beggar standing beside the road.

Destiny or fate is something that has been emphasized and introduced to the humanity just to help us come out of gloom and sadness of tragic events. Fate is to accept those events which don’t have any logical or rational explanation especially the tragic ones so that we should accept them, forget them and try to return to the normal life. If we don’t accept any such event, we keep remembering, repeatedly tormenting ourselves and the people who are concerned about us. In one of the above examples, the sad mother is not in position of doing anything to bring back his son or change the present situation. If she keeps tormenting herself, it would not do any good to her and would have negative effect on her health and mental well-being. So if she accepts this tragic event as something written in her fate, she would be able to reconcile with her present situation and come out of the tragedy.

But you should never blame fate or destiny for your laziness or lack of planning. You should plan well, work hard and show dedication and even then if you failed, don’t be sad or lose hope. Take it as written in your fate and start your efforts with a new energy and better planning. It is said that, “If you have a wealth, put in the strongest safe, keep an armed guard for its protection and even then if something happened wrong, don’t be sad, just regard it as something written in your destiny”. That is why this belief has been gifted to us to take us out of sad memories and solve many problems that emerge in its consequence.

Mahmood Hassan Quraishi is a permanent writer of the Afghanistan express daily

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