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Execution of Afghans in Iran a serious issue: AIHRC

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Comission

KUNDUZ – The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) on Sunday voiced concern over the execution of Afghan nationals in Iran, urging the government to step up diplomatic efforts to resolve the issue.

A day earlier, scores of people participated in a funeral ceremony in the Kalifgan district of northern Takhar province for five people executed in Iran. They accused the Afghan government of not being able to defend its citizens abroad.

Relatives said the five men had been sentenced to death by the Iranian government on charges of drug trafficking. The accused had no defence lawyers to plead their cases.

Hayatullah Amiri, AIHRC director for the northeastern zone, blasted Iran for blatantly violating international law and human rights. He also said the accused, having no defence lawyers, had been convicted wrongly.

“We are seriously concerned at the executions of Afghans in the neighbouring country. Before the bodies were shifted to Takhar, many corpses were earlier sent to Herat province,” he pointed out.

He asked the Karzai administration to discuss the humanitarian question with Iranian authorities and allow the exchange of criminals and information about their offences.

But Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Janan Musazai said they had no informed about the execution of the five people from Takhar province in Iran. (PAN)

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