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Environmental Protection Stressed For Healthy Society


Environmental Protection Stressed For Healthy Society

KABUL – On the eve of International Mother Earth Day, a meeting was held to mark the day in which the participants stressed on keeping the land and environment protected and fertile, asking authorities to adopt measures to curb the negative impact of human activity on the land. Addressing a meeting to mark the day, Ghulam Nabi Farahi, deputy minister of information and culture,  on Tuesday said most parts of the government land in Kabul was usurped by warlords.

He said the land grabbed by land grabbers was being used forcefully for building residential compounds, townships, fuel tanks, markets and other proposes. “There are no limits on constructing residential buildings and townships in Afghanistan, and it is unclear which standards are used in the construction sector,” he remarked.

Many townships have been built in Kabul City without considering recreational facilities, proper canalization and drainage, he added. He went on to say most of the cities’ residents, including Kabul, have affected by environmental related diseases. Afghanistan is a rich country having natural scenes where a large number of foreign tourists could be attracted if the government pays proper attention to develop those areas.

Present in the meeting, Dr Najia Tariq, deputy minister of public health, said environmental pollution and lack of potable water and Greenfield lands could cause respiratory, infections, skin diseases and even cancer. The major cause of the environmental pollution is caused by lack of asphalted roads, Greenfield lands and absence of proper drainage system, she added.

She said lack of a proper drainage system led the underground water to be contaminated and cause water-borne diseases. “Advanced and well-equipped health clinics cannot resolve our health problems until the environmental protection measures are not observed,” she added.



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