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Election Success, Afghans Shape Future

BY: Abdul Maruf “Ghiasee”
Once again, Afghans proved their commitment in electoral politics and democracy by turning out in large numbers to the polling stations in 14 June presidential elections. The international community including observers, UN officials and the EU hailed the election as another success for the people of Afghanistan. Afghan incumbent president Hamid Karzai congratulated the achievement to the people of Afghanistan. According to the security officials, Taliban failed to organize major assaults on the elections despite that they launched more than 150 attackss during the Election Day across the country. Yosuf Nuristani, the Independent Election Commission chairman, told at a press briefing that the turnout was higher than seven millions which surpasses the rate of election turnout in the first round of the elections.
As the ongoing election is expected to be the first peaceful transfer of power in Afghanistan’s history, the successes of the two rounds of the elections is a potent indicator that Afghans are leading the process into the right direction. The voters turned out in millions to vote as defiance to the Taliban. With the ongoing jubilations across the country and among Afghans on the social networking websites, it is time to ponder over the post-Election Day management of the process.
The holding of the second round of the elections was seen as a key test for Afghan security forces and the electoral bodies which now seems to be successfully accomplished. Despite that it would be premature to judge about the overall and final success of the election process, the successes so far achieved is viewed as major accomplishments by the international community, given the pre-election widespread skepticisms inside Afghanistan and among the international backers of the country.
There were many factors that played out to deliver a successful handling of the elections on the Election Day. Afghan security forces functioned far better than what expected some months ago by securing the two rounds of the elections. While Afghan security forces were enjoying a high morale as result of their previous successes, the Taliban failed to carry out major attacks that could disrupt the elections.
The winner of the election was its self people, that democratically rushed to the polling station and casted their votes, the presence of women with increase of 2% shows another development and hope for reaching towards the goal of women rights.
In the second round, both electoral bodies so far have performed better in managing the election processes. The enthusiasm and fervor among the Afghans to contribute to the future of the county through ballot boxes were exceptional during the elections. In both rounds, the Afghan voters came out in millions to polling stations particularly to tell the Taliban that violence will not intimidate them. Seemingly, the latest spate of terrorist attacks by the Taliban further strengthened resolve and determination of Afghans to participate in the elections. All these suggested Afghans’ will and tendency to embrace representative democracy for their country.
With the successful conduct of the two rounds of the elections, there are growing optimisms that the election process will go smoothly and will be more transparent and fraud-free than the past. However, the test for Afghans yet to be completed. There are challenges ahead and the government of Afghanistan and the electoral bodies should remain committed to their promise and deliver the national process successfully.

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