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Eastern Border Police Should be Fully Equipped: MPs

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KABUL – The number of Afghan Border Police (ABP) in the east of Afghanistan should increase and they should be fully equipped in order to ward off Pakistan’s any attacks, Afghan parliamentarians said on Monday. Some Afghan MPs who had a visit from Goshta district, said that border police face several challenges that have to be removed.

“Border police face some challenges and the challenges should be removed by the government and their privileges should be doubled,” Member of Parliament Abdul Hamid Lalai Hamedzai said. The Head of Afghanistan’s Parliamentary Committee of Defence Homayoun Humayoun said “ the country’s border forces don’t know where the border zero point is, and which parts they should defend.”

Meanwhile, some of the Parliamentarians stressed that government’s strong will can remove border police forces’ challenges in terms of weapons. “If a strong will arises in a goal to fully equip border police forces, the government and Parliamentarians and Senators pay their two-month salaries for purchasing weapons it would be more beneficial on equipment of border police forces.” Member of Parliament Shokria Hotak said.

Afghan parliamentarians believe that Pakistan always intervenes and attacks Afghanistan soil, and the Afghan government should have a clear position against border challenges. (Tolonews)

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