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Dreaming of the Halcyon Days

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Picture is dark and disheartening but still Afghans have to see it in order to plug the loopholes that had stolen our peace of mind. Corruption is rampant in the country. Peace is gone far away with less hope of return while pessimism is on the rise.

Several other issues like unemployment, violence against women, early child and forces marriages, skyrocketing price hike, illiteracy, lack of health and other basic facilities are in the list that hindered development of the country. Emergence of a heart-wrenching documentary by BBC on the scene that throws light on corruption among Afghan police officers and their involvement in other illegal acts is making it impossible to dream of the halcyon days—the days of which Afghanistan was once home.

The documentary though seemed very biased at a glance but would leave consequences if went unaddressed, because it presented image of Afghanistan’s future very horrible. In the documentary Afghan officers are alleged of selling weapons, ammunition and fuel to satisfy their ever galloping greed.

Some officers were shown as drug addicts while some as abductors who kidnap innocent civilians for ransom. Moreover, few officers were accused of raping and killing boys. Correspondent of BBC Panorama, Ben Anderson has painting a dreadful picture of Helmand province where civilians feel insecure and could not trust Afghan law enforcement agencies.

It is not difficult to understand why a foreign media outlet could present Afghanistan as a country where crimes are high while public is scared. They want to present their soldiers as saviors for Afghans while dragging Afghan police and army into controversy.

Even though, the allegations could not be taken lightly as it had defamed the country at a point when foreign troops are going to leave the country and security responsibilities are to e fall on the shoulders of Afghan forces. At this critical juncture involvement of Afghan officials in criminal activities is a question mark.

BBC Panorama has fanned skepticism through the documentary. Hence, the government should take the documentary serious. Though the president had taken notice of the issue, but priority based measures are still needed to console the disappointed and disheartened public.

If it has been proved that police officers were involved in corruption and kidnapping of civilians then the government has to make them example for others; otherwise others would follow their footsteps and number of ‘sex slaves’ would increase and kidnapping for ransom will continue by custodians of the law. Ultimately, it would give a chance to Taliban to cash the situation and take advantage of the uncertain law and order situation in Helmand and other provinces as well.

Taliban could convince residents to gain support against the government. Furthermore, recruitment and deployment procedure should be changed, because illiterate, racists and even criminals are joining police force while the training courses is not yielding the desired results.

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