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Dr. Abdullah Files Nomination for Presidency

Dr. Abdullah Files Nomination for Presidency

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the leader of the National Coalition of Afghanistan (NCA), officially filed his nomination for Presidency with the Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Tuesday. Er. Muhammad Khan, the deputy head of the Hezb-e-Islami Party (HIP), and Hajji Muhammad Muhaqeq, the Chairman of the Hezb-e-Wahdat-e-Milli Mardom Afghanistan (HWMMA), also filed their nomination for the post of First Vice-President and Second Vice-President, respectively.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah is the first “Presidential heavyweight,” who has filed his candidature 16 days after the commencement of the nomination filing process. While speaking to the reporters, Dr. Abdullah said that a purposeful peace negotiation process, security and economic development will be his top working priorities, if elected as the President. “Our mission is to unite Afghanistan. No one should resort to negative propaganda or selfish motives,” said Dr. Abdullah.

Meanwhile, the HIP has assured the supporters saying that its alliance with the Jamiat-e-Islami Party (JIP) is a sustainable one and all disagreements between the two parties will be dealt with soon.

Dr. Abdullah and his two Vice-Presidential candidates were welcomed at the IEC by a large crowd of supporters from the HIP, HWMMA and JIP, who had gathered at the Commission to show their support for his candidacy. After a series of deliberations, the HIP and JIP reached on an agreement to extend their support for the candidacy of Mr. Khan and Mr. Muhaqeq. Previously, Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal was considered for the First Vice-President’s post, later, a consensus was reached and Mr. Khan was chosen as the First Vice-Presidential candidate. “The parties, who have announced their support in the upcoming election, represent all the ethnic groups of the country. The alliance between the HIP and JIP aims to fight all the challenges of the country and guide the youths of the country,” said Mr. Khan.

Muhammad Muhaqeq was one of the key members of the National Front Party (NFP), a party which is led by Ahmad Zia Masoud and Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum. However, in the final days of the nomination filing process, Mr. Muhaqeq ended his alliance with the NFP to join Dr. Abdullah’s NCA. “I think the new team is a comprehensive one and Afghans supports it. This team comprises of new and old political parties that worked together during “Jihad.” The team will use its experience to fight all challenges,” said Mr. Muhaqeq.

Only four days remain for the nomination process to come to a close, and news about more electoral heavy weights filing their nomination will be making news over the course of the next couple of days. (ToloNews)

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