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Determination of Afghans to Participate in the Elections

Determination of Afghans to Participate in the Elections

Despite daunting challenges ahead of the ongoing elections, a vast majority of Afghans seem determined to take part in the elections and make their voices heard in the collective decision-making process for determining the future leadership of the country. In recent weeks, there has been a wave of violence by terrorist organizations – the Taliban and other terrorist outfits. The Taliban organized a number of brazen attacks on the offices of the election commission and residents of foreigners in the capital Kabul. The terrorist outfits aim to prevent the people of Afghanistan from the peace and democratic practice to vote and choose the next president.

However, as the election date is getting closer, we see increasing passion and enthusiasm among the citizens for participating in next week’s elections. There have an unprecedented level of passion and fervor among ordinary people in bazaars and streets and the educated people and the youth on social networking websites such as Facebook and twitter. During last weeks, the citizens demonstrated their detestation from the Taliban in different ways and expressed openly that they participate the elections. Even many have expressed that they will participate in the elections only to show their support to the ongoing democratic process and to show how they abhor the Taliban.

Since last presidential election in 2009, a large number of voters are coming to the ballot boxes as the first-time voters. These first-time voters have their specific demands and are vocal about their demands. What is specifically different about these first-time voters is that they have lived a large portion of their lives under current democratic political system. They have gone to schools, university and are active members of civil organizations. Because of this, they have more tendencies towards democracy and human rights. They want accountable government and detest the terrorist organizations. This is clearly visible on social networking websites and the mass media particularly TV channels and radio stations.

In recent weeks, the provinces have been stages of political contests among the election candidates. The candidates wooed the voters and urged the people to take part in the process and have their say for the future of the country. The people welcomed presidential candidates in millions. This shows the absolute majority of the people believe in power of their votes and vitality of their participation in the forthcoming elections. The show-ups of the people in the provinces in millions are a clear sign of Afghanistan moving forward to have a government through the will and determination of the people. It is a show of strength of the election process against the Taliban terror and intimidations. They were a clear ‘no’ to the Taliban and other terrorist groups.

It is predicted that a large majority of those who are eligible to vote will participate in the next week elections. The electoral bodies and security agencies should redouble their efforts to assure the people of their security and convince to go to polling stations. The only choice now for Afghans are to ignore the Taliban intimidation and decide their future through the ballot boxes.

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