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Dealing Accordingly!

Why does social science have such a hard job explaining itself

This world is full people who are of varying nature and qualities and thus we expect that we will be dealt with both in good and bad manners and thus with this fact in mind, we are not hurt so much when someone cheats us or deals us cruelly. You might have noticed the children or teenagers, due to the lack of experience about the realities of world and mostly due to the less knowledge about the practices being undertaken in the real life, react very strongly when they see or experience any unjust practice or conduct. However, with the passage of time, we learn that world is not a place that we had drawn in our dreams. When such a perception is made in our mind that we can expect to meet and experience people of both good and bad nature, we make ourselves ready to accept it as a reality and when we face any situation that is contrary to our expectations or imaginations, we accept it without having much feeling about it. This was one side of the picture. When we proceed to the other, we face a situation that is the exact opposite of the other. It is a situation when we expect that people who are perceived to be just in the society, would practice justice and equality and would never resort to something that should be against their image and reputation. But when we see that a person being taken to be the flag-holder of equality and justice, either commits injustice or lets the injustice prevail or simply doesn’t do anything to avoid any injustice, people who support justice and equality are greatly disappointed and saddened.

Such a situation cannot be restricted to any specific place or time. Be it an educational institute, or a workplace of different employees or any other, there have always been events and occasions when the good-doers were not praised or appreciated for what they did or the evil-doers were not punished or discouraged. This might be present in the annals of history as well and would definitely be repeated in the future as well.

In a school setup, there are students who try all their best to come up to the expectations; of teachers, school administration, parents, and of course, of their own ideal images. This is not a kind of task that should be achieved very easily. I have witnessed many students who suffer a lot to attain the levels of perfection that are set as standards either by the society, or by their teachers and parents or by their gut generalization of the things. This is not related to the academic achievement but mostly related to showing polite behavior with the teachers and fellow students. No doubt, there are many practices that encourage a student to attain the good qualities mentioned earlier but unfortunately such students are not always supported or encouraged to attain such qualities. When this thing is not done, many complex situations can come into existence. The closer study of such circumstances or situations bring into light many discrepancies that can be harmful not to the thoughts and efforts of a good-doer but also to the general image of the masses in following in any such path in future. At times, a classroom or the school setup is hijacked by the students who believe in intimidating others; be it teachers, fellow students or the school administration, by their harsh and rude behaviors. This all starts when they see that their bad or inappropriate behaviors are not going to be checked or corrected by anyone or when they feel that they can draw more attention of others by their negative approach. Mostly, such students are found to be incapable of getting the desired attention by healthy and positive participation or competition. The repeated experience assures them that their strategy has turned more fruitful and thus they deliberately continue following their path, though it might be stinging their conscience as well.

Most drastic effect of any such situation is on the students who are not only well behaving but also like the same environment to be prevalent in the classroom or in their surroundings. It is always a painful view to see that a person is left to feel the pain just because he or she believes in the politeness and that a person with his impolite behavior is getting more attention.

Then a doubtful thought creeps in their minds that if they were wrong and the one who is doing wrong is on the right path. In such circumstances, many things can happen. One is that, the student who believes in good practices will get very much disappointed by whatever is happening around. Secondly, it might result in the discouragement of those who believed in goodness or who wanted to acquire and stand still with such noble traits. In such circumstances, it has been noticed that one really becomes indifferent to whatever is happening in his surroundings. In some worst scenarios, good students also quit their trademark traits and adopt the behavior that could have never been expected of them.

The above detailed scenario and reactions can be observed in any group of humans where the good doers are ignored or discouraged and the trick of wrongdoers sweep the show. We can say that the evil hijacks the angel.

It is thus necessary that either it is school, an organization or any other place of interaction of human beings, the equality should be implemented and practiced. The good qualities should be praised and rewarded while the bad qualities should be dealt with properly so that those who are good should not be ashamed of their conduct and thoughts and the evil thoughts or practices should not be allowed to flourish.

It is the reason why Islam also stresses a lot for justice. It promises rewards to the good deeds but at the same time, wrong deeds are also threatened of the painful punishments. According to Islamic teachings, if justice was not practiced, the evil will flourish and the good deeds will shrink and this will result in the gradual decline in the society where influence of evil forces will keep multiplying with the passage of time.

But the best solution to this problem can be attained by making few things clear. Goodness is a quality that should be enough to lift up the spirits of its owner, no matter if it is appreciated and praised by others or not. Once a person comes to realize this fact, he would definitely come out of circle of disappointment. But it is necessary that our youngsters and teenagers, especially the students, who are not in position to understand this by their own, should be given counseling and shown this beautiful side of the picture. We always keep a concept dear that we accept after understanding it.

 Mahmood Hassan Quraishi is a permanent writer of the Afghanistan Express Daily.


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