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Croker to Obama: Explain Payments to Karzai

Senator Bob Corker

WASHINGTON – A top American senator has asked President Barack Obama to explain alleged cash payments to President Hamid Karzai’s office by the CIA, arguing such a move not only lacks accountability but also encourages corruption. “These secret payments lack any kind of accountability, encourage the very kind of corruption we’re trying to prevent in Afghanistan, and further undermine US taxpayers’ confidence in our government,” Senator Bob Corker said on Tuesday.

In a letter sent to Obama, he said: “Our assistance to Afghanistan should have long since evolved to a carefully coordinated, fully transparent effort across federal agencies with appropriate congressional oversight to ensure US aid meets our national interests.” Ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Corker said it was his second letter to Obama, but had not received any response from the White House yet. The White House did not comment on the issue. (PAN)

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