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Corrupt Lawmakers Should Be Publicly Named: MPs

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KABUL – A number of lawmakers on Wednesday repeated their calls for the parliament’s administrative board to investigate and reveal the names of their colleagues who are said to be involved in corrupt dealings. “Why are the names of the lawmakers who are accused of corruption not revealed? When they say that 80 lawmakers have had a hand in dealings and corruption, then they should reveal the names or they themselves are also involved in such dealings.” MP Ramazan Bashardos said.

“Unfortunately, the administrative board has not paid attention to these accusations against the lawmakers and the honor of the parliament is being disregarded,” MP Sadeqi Nelizada said. The MPs calls for to reveal the names began after the parliament’s planned impeachment of as many as 11 government ministers failed earlier this month when there were insufficient votes to dismiss the ministers.

Some MPs accused others of accepting money from the ministers in return for their vote of confidence. “The impeachment process of government ministers was a failed process. It becomes clear that corrupt dealings exist in parliament. It is a real concern,” Nahid Farid said. Meanwhile parliament deputy speaker, Mirwais Yasini, said that parliament will look into the matter.

“No issue remains secret. The administrative board will investigate these accusations against the lawmakers and will soon report to parliament,” Yasini said. The renewed calls came after the administrative board said earlier this week that around 80 lawmakers are involved in corrupt dealing with government ministers. (Tolonews)

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