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Coordination on Taliban Prisoners’ Release

to be good kind butterfly

A child is born on the nature of goodness. There is present an internally built-in system that makes you realize the differences between good and bad things. When you receive a good message, it makes a pleasing effect on your transmitter and you feel good about it. Contrary to this, when you receive a bad signal, it makes a bad impression on your inner receiver and you feel disgusting or bad about it.

A man has been termed the best of creatures. The good things it is capable of doing cannot be even thought of doing by other creatures. A human can go to unlimited and unexpected levels in being good with others.

The presence of such a transmitter in a human soul or spirit can also be understood while considering the act of goodness. When a person helps a person or does anything good to others, he feels very good about it. This in return adds more life to his spiritual and mental well being. It is the reason why it is said that one who does good with others, in fact, does good with himself.

One goodness opens a door for another good act. Your inner transmitter gives a good signal to you and makes you feel better. In order to have the taste of this good feeling, you once again do the same or different act of goodness and this further adds to your good feelings. In this way, you get into a series of activities that make your life better comparing to the old situation and thus opens many gates of goodness to you.

A good act should always be taken as great as there is not present any small good or bad act. As a bad habit, however small in the beginning, seasons your heart and body for more grave evil acts, similarly, a small act of goodness brings to you many other good things that might not be small.

When the Muslims migrated from Makkah to Madina and left behind their homes and all the valuable possessions, they were absolutely bare-handed and helpless. In such situation, their Muslim brothers announced to share their each and everything with them. They gave away the half of their land, their wealth and all other valued belongings.

Two things make this division worth mentioning and praising. First, it was done by people who were not educated or civilized and they had not read in any book about the great returns of doing charity. No doubt, the teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH) had brought miraculous changes in their minds and attitudes but they were brought up in a time when illiteracy and ignorance had covered the whole of human civilization under its bleak wings and people were much habitual of committing any kind of cruelty and there was not present any concept of forgiving the enemy or doing any other good act.

Second, this division was done with utmost care in which everyone showed much sensitivity in dividing equally his each and every asset and giving his brother the exact half of his share. Although they were asked to help their brothers who were then in need of their assistance but it was not obligatory for anyone of them to give the exact half of his belongings.

Although this act of them can be termed as a mere act of following a person who took initiative in doing so but in fact, it was not the case.

When Islam came, they were strongly held by the strict customs and traditions that hardly allowed them to divert away from their established set of beliefs and conduct and accept something new but they did so with the intention of breaking centuries’ old ice of ignorance. This was very essential for the proper adherence to the teachings and way of living that was exact opposite to their already established beliefs and against their desires in which they followed their carnal desires.

This act of them was not easy to be done.  They were themselves in the need of things that they preferred to their brother. They may be having many plans in their minds to utilize their wealth or belongings. As evident from the human nature, it might have come to them as something of shock but there is not present any single evidence when a man might have polluted his forehead with the wrinkles of disagreement or reluctance.

This act of them had such effects on the lives, both material and spiritual, that cannot be comprehended in words. This effect, full of blessings, was stretched for many of their generations to follow.

First they learned the act of complete obedience and doubtless adherence to the teachings of Islam and guidelines of the Best of Prophets (PBUH). This is a unique quality as all the good spiritual achievements start after you kill the problematic habit of making doubts. Spiritual world is the realm where an absolute peace reigns and this peace cannot be found in a good shape when there exists doubt. Doubt is the condition of suspension and deprives one of settling down and acquiring the peace of mind.

When one adopts this habit of accepting the true orders without making any question and then settling down with a peaceful decision, he opens ways for all the good things that follow. Good education in the world is not less but they can be received only by those who are ready to receive them and greet them with a wide forehead and open arms.

However, this habit of accepting orders should not be mixed with one that is similar to slavery or being passive in the walk of life. When a person is continually oppressed and he is time and again assured of his inability to make decisions of his own, he comes to a position when he stops realizing his importance and loses all his confidence on his personality and abilities and then he starts following the others blindly. What others say to him appear to be more valid, what others do, appears to him the ideal conduct and what others suggest, comes as the most suitable and wise decision.

This kind of adherence is only negating your personality and abilities and has nothing to do with any of the good qualities that a man possesses. When he loses confidence on himself, he might never be able to utilize the gifted abilities of his personality and his hidden potentials might rot down with the passage of time. As he is in the habit of following the others, he can fall victim to others who might exploit him for their own aims and objectives.

As mentioned earlier, a small good act opens a gateway for innumerable blessings. Sufi scholar Rumi wriites, ‘when a candle lights another candle, it doesn’t lose anything but brings into existence a light of a complete new candle and other candle also helps to increase the light in the surrounding.’


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