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Contrast in Statement

Taliban fighter in Afghanistan

Taliban fighter in Afghanistan

Contrast in statements of the officials has became a common practice in the war-torn country as Afghans are more concern about earning bread for their siblings and children instead of counting political players and keeping abreast of the ongoing ‘great game’.  Sometimes one wonders that why the officials are not thinking before they speak as the world is listening to them, and their statements make place in mass media.

A contradiction was found in the statement of spokesperson of Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday when he told newsmen that important Taliban figures showed willingness to become part of the peace talks while shunning their warmongering fellows. He said that Pakistan is taking steps to facilitate the Afghan government while releasing Taliban prisoners, demanded by Kabul. While many Taliban leaders were ready to bargain with the government so they could return to their previous life—laying down arms and join their families that they had abandon.

But later when he was asked about opening of an office for peace talks in Qatar, he said that the Afghan government would not open the office until Taliban come up with clear understanding and show readiness for joining the negotiation table. Moreover, he said the on cards International Ulema Conference would held as per plans in Kabul though Taliban had threatened the participants of the dire consequences.

Now the question arises that how could the officials say that key Taliban leaders are agreed to negotiate with the government when they are not clear minded and still to give green signal for participation in talks in Qatar or somewhere else. As part of courtesy, they should at least let the government to organize the ulema conference, but things are different then they are seen. As a matter of fact Taliban are not ready to talk with the government because there are several opposing groups. It would be hard for the government to talk with all rebel groups separately while it is beyond imagination to see all factions of Taliban agreed on one agenda. Taliban are still carrying out terror activities in all parts of the country. This month a drastic and deadly surge was witness in terrorism. If Taliban are willing to be part of the talks then why they are heading in opposite direction that would lead towards only bloodshed far from peace.

Hence, the government officials should keep in mind the reality and not hurl statements that do not reflect the reality. These statements are just lollypops for the public through which the government want to delude the nation.


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