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Contractors Rally against Interior Ministry

Contractors Rally Against Interior Ministry
Dozens of contractors rallied in front of the Parliament in Kabul on Monday against the Interior Ministry failure to pay their dues worth $2.5 billion.
One of the protestors, Mohammad Daud, said about 70 firms had signed some years back contracts with the ministry for logistic supplies to provincial police headquarters.
Head of the Fayyaz Logistics Company, Daud said: “Under the contract, we are bound to deliver supplies. But the ministry has been indifferent toward us, refusing to clear our arrears.”
Representatives of the firms had approached the ministry several times, but they were told to seek their dues from foreign forces, he said. “We haven’t signed agreements with foreigners…we ask the ministry for our money.”
Another demonstrator, Afghan Gulrang Company head Mohammad Yahya warned of continuing their protest if their demand was not met. “We want public representatives to hear our voice and get us our right.”
But none of the lawmakers came out to meet the protesting contractors, who dispersed after a few hours. The Ministry of Interior said it would give its version in a press statement later on. Contractors Rally Against Interior Ministry

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