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Mission Statement
Our mission at The Afghanistan Express is to thrive as a dependable news source in Afghanistan, and to convey a message of peace, stability, education, equality, moderation, and, above all, tolerance in our post-war society. We provide reliable information for use by our motivated and conscientious generation of Afghan youth in their effort to obtain an education and attain prosperity.
The Afghanistan Express is a dynamic newspaper that is geared to keeping its readers abreast of current affairs and the changes that are taking place on ground. The majority of issues in Afghanistan, such as radicalism, drug addiction, child labor, poppy cultivation, and violence against women, are products of illiteracy and three decades of war. One of our primary objectives is to educate people and urge the Afghan government to put in place results-oriented policies.
The Afghanistan Express is an impartial newspaper and does not support any group or individual. We highlight positive aspects of Afghan culture to preserve the Afghan identity. We criticize obsolete social norms that have become ruinous with the passage of time. We work to promote harmony and peace in the region in general, and in Afghanistan in particular. We want to work as a bridge to maintain the connection between the government and the public.
We are highly professional and verify our information. We adhere to a consistent method of testing information, known as the transparent approach to evidence, so that personal and cultural biases do not undermine the accuracy of our work. This is what separates us from other news genres, such as propaganda outlets and tabloids. We are strongly against yellow journalism. We have a sound financial standing so we are able to stick to solid reporting and avoid sensationalism to gain readership.
The vision of The Afghanistan Express is to build consensus on issues that impede the progress of Afghanistan as a nation. We provide our readers with stories aimed at contributing to the easing of accumulated resentments in addition to reporting on desperately needed economic activities.

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We have the honor to introduce you to The Afghanistan Express, the English language daily newspaper published in Kabul. The Afghanistan Express brings you the latest in news, interviews, analysis, and survey reports on national/international issues. It reports on political situations, and cultural and social and events happening on the domestic and international scenes.
Established in 2012, The Afghanistan Express has proven itself to be an independent and impartial media outlet. The Afghanistan Express is known for its strong news desk and innovative design. The eight pages of the newspaper are laid out by geographical area, covering roughly 24% of the nation that speaks and reads English as a second language.
We are proud to let you know that we have a professional and dedicated work team. The Afghanistan Express is regarded as a trustworthy information resource on a wide range of national and global issues that make up the section themes.
The Afghanistan Express has a capable and experienced staff. They are skilled analysts who identify the shortcomings, needs, and aspirations of the public at large. They respond by offering the most relevant news items on these issues.
As responsible members of media, we support solidarity of the populace, stability of the government, and positive interaction with the international community, at all times and under any circumstances. We encourage healthy criticism and value public opinion. During this period of profound social change and growing cultural diversity, The Afghan Express seeks to draw together the different melodic threads within our society to form a harmonious mainstream public opinion.
We currently distribute both complementary copies and paid subscriptions of The Afghanistan Express to various national and multinational companies, as well as government institutions and nongovernmental organizations. The newspaper is also available on the worldwide web, and can be delivered by email (in pdf form) to keep readers updated who are unable to purchase the print editions. This prominence of the newspaper is not only beneficial to our readers, but provides a wonderful advertising opportunity to businessmen at an affordable price to promote their companies.
Since the day The Afghanistan Express was founded, it has always paid close attention to serving as a mouthpiece for the public by giving voice to their grievances and concerns. We have distinctive content, focusing on key issues like democracy, women’s and children’s rights, human rights, anti-corruption, anti-narcotics, education, and security. We are in the process of increasing the number of pages in order to give more space to important issues that can pave the way for positive socio-economic and political changes.
The Afghanistan Express covers its expenses through paid subscriptions and advertisements.
Online Edition:
The Afghanistan Express is available online at
The site offers up-to-the-minute breaking news, editorials, articles, links, debates, and visitors’ comments as well as editorial opinions.
Working Team:
The teams in the field and on desk duty with The Afghanistan Express consist of young, talented, qualified, and motivated people who have a wealth of experience drawn from their work with national and international media organizations.

Circulation and Distribution
The Afghanistan Express has city-wide distribution that includes governmental offices, NGOs, social organizations, foreign embassies, UN agencies, universities and other educational centers, companies, foreign forces, entrepreneurs, and tourists.
The Afghanistan Express Daily is a morning publication, to ensure its readership gets the news of the day in a timely manner. It has a vast information network to improve its reporting capacity, which is not present in other daily newspapers. The Afghanistan Express Daily adheres to the tenet of putting one’s heart and soul into serving the public with its versatile yet concise reporting style. It is focused on being responsible news source. It has a fresh perspective and uses the strength of public opinion for just causes.

Helping manufacturers and retailers
The Afghanistan Express has many different marketing products and tools to help manufacturers reach retailers, and retailers reach consumers. All of these products and tools are designed to be low cost and high impact. The newspaper can help in the branding and the delivery process of your message. We offer services to make a measurable difference in your marketing program.
The Afghanistan Express has vast reach within all sectors of industry – from manufacturing and retailing to all levels of consumers, novice to expert. The newspaper is widely circulated and available in every nook and cranny of Kabul, connecting with readers of every kind.
The Afghanistan Express Daily as a staunch supporter of independent, free media, and adheres to the rules and regulations, and established media ethics for publishing news and reporting. National interests have news reporting priority. Supportive information is thoroughly verified before it is used in an article or editorial opinion on any issue.

Contact us:

Chairman      Ahmad Yama Isar

Editor-in chief : Abdul Maruf Ghiasee

Vice Chairman: Shamsullah Shams

News Adviser: Khowaja Masoom

Editor: Abdul Ahad Bahrami

Reprter: Abdul Majid Ghiasee


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