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Concerns over the Murder of a Swedish Reporter

Concerns over the Murder of a Swedish Reporter

Kabul- the Afghan journalist community has expressed major concerns over the killing of a Swedish journalist Nils Horner on Sunday in a heavily guarded area of Kabul. Mr. Horner was reporting for a Swedish radio and had arrived in Afghanistan three days before his killing.

The assassins were two people who escaped from the scene after conducting the murder. The event followed serious international reactions. The U.S. Department of State has asked the Afghan government to investigate the incident.

Ministry of Interior (MoI) has not yet given any details about the murder and the motives behind it. “Investigations are underway,” MoI Spokesman Sediq Sediqi said. “We are waiting for the investigating team to share their findings with us.”

The Afghan journalist community has strongly denounced the attack on the Swedish journalist and emphasized on the prevention of such hostility in the future. “This incident is alarming for all journalists. It will demoralize them,” Afghan journalist Mohammad Hassan Khetab said.

“If the government does not focus on the issue, foreign journalists will not be able to cover the upcoming elections,” NAI–NGO supporting Open Media in Afghanistan- Chairman Sediqullah Tawhidi said.

NAI has accused the government of negligence in regard to the safety of journalists.

“When such incidents continue to happen, I think that in a way, the government wants to conduct the elections away from the eye of the world,” CEO of NAI Mujeb Khelwatgar said.

The incident has shocked many Afghan journalists and their foreign counterparts. Some reporters working for international media have said that the incident has created major apprehensions among them.

The situation is alarming considering that three journalists-two of whom were Afghans- have been killed in the past two months only. (ToloNews)

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