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China Quietly Backing Afghan Peace Drive: Karzai

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KABUL – President Hamid Karzai says commonality of interests and Chinese leaders’ wisdom have contributed to the strength of the Beijing-Kabul relationship. Karzai, who returned from a four-day trip to China, said in an interview: “This visit of mine proved with great certainty that China and Afghanistan have developed a strong relationship, based on commonality of interest.”

After meetings with President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, he told the state-run news agency Xinhua: “This is also very importantly (based) on the wisdom of the Chinese leaders.” He called a very stable neighbour, acknowledging its assistance and support for stability in his country and in the rest of the region. “China has contributed significantly and in a quiet way to the peace process of Afghanistan.”

Afghanistan would remain China’s “trusted neighbour and partner”, he promised, saying his government had been striving to attract foreign businesses, from China in particular, to participate in the country’s reconstruction. Karzai said his administration would continue to take all necessary measures to provide Chinese investors with an enabling environment. “We are also aware it is necessary to provide security for Chinese businesses.” (PAN)

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