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Britain’s Labour Leader Stakes Future on Cost of Living Election Fight

Britain's Labour Leader Stakes Future on Cost of

London – Britain’s opposition leader Ed Miliband accused Prime Minister David Cameron of stoking a cost of living crisis on Sunday, attempting to overcome dire poll ratings and convince skeptical voters that Labour can be trusted to run the economy.

Three years into his leadership, Miliband is under pressure from party activists to assert his authority and give a clearer idea of what he stands for after Labour’s lead over Cameron’s Conservatives narrowed.

In an attempt to draw the battle lines ahead of the 2015 election, Miliband will try to use the party’s conference to blunt Cameron’s message of prudence as the economy recovers from its worst crisis since World War Two. “For generations in this country, when the economy grew the majority of people got better off,” Miliband told the BBC in Brighton, a seaside resort on England’s south coast where Labour’s annual conference is being held. “Now that vital link between the growing wealth of the country and people’s family finances has been broken and the question is, for the British people, is there a party that’s going to tackle that?”

Miliband has struggled to establish economic credibility with the voters since he beat his brother David for the leadership of Labour after Gordon Brown’s 2010 electoral defeat ended 13 years of Labour governments.

Promising a stronger minimum wage, Miliband said his party would not borrow more for day-to-day spending, but repeatedly said it was too early to give details of Labour’s fiscal plans.

The Conservatives said Labour’s policy plans undermined their claim to financial discipline and that their commitments over the last four months would mean 28 billion pounds ($44.80 billion) of new borrowing. (Reuters)

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