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Britain’s Cameron ‘Playing with Fire’ over EU: Deputy PM

Britain's Cameron 'Playing with Fire' over EU  Deputy PM

London – Prime Minister David Cameron’s promise to reform Britain’s relations with the European Union is an ill-fated attempt to unite his party that could lead to the “economic suicide” of leaving the bloc, his coalition partner said on Tuesday.Deputy Premier Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, the pro-EU party that shares power with Cameron’s larger Conservatives, accused him of starting a chain reaction that could lead to Britain tumbling out of the EU.

Intensifying the rhetoric on an issue that divides the coalition and threatens Cameron’s chances of re-election in 2015, Clegg said the EU policy was bound to unravel and would never appease Conservative Eurosceptics.”It is a short-sighted political calculation that could jeopardize the long-term national interest,” Clegg said in a speech on Britain’s role in Europe. “It is playing with fire and, if we go down this track, it is Britain that will get burned.”

Cameron upset European allies in January when he promised to negotiate a new EU deal for Britain and hold a referendum on EU membership by the end of 2017. He plans to claw back powers in areas such as policing, employment rights and social policy.His rivals said it was a gamble forced on him by Conservative splits over Europe and the rise of the UK Independence Party, which wants to leave the EU.

Business for Britain, a lobby group that wants to renegotiate the country’s EU ties, accused Clegg of scaremongering and undermining the chances of securing a new relationship that would appeal to British voters.”By writing off the process of renegotiation before it has even properly begun, Nick Clegg is increasing the likelihood of Britain voting to leave,” said Matthew Elliott, the group’s chief executive. (Reuters)

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